the Length of Tomorrow

by Storie Grubb

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This album has been a massive work in progress for me. I did an illustration for every song on the album.I have tried to convey my deepest thoughts and feelings into it. It is a pseudo concept album in that it takes you on a ride from beginning to end through the life of an observer. I hope you listen close because it's really a tale about us all.

thank you for listening.

the * means there are curse words in the song.


released November 16, 2015

matthew vorhies: accordion

arwork: storie grubb

Back up Vocals on "Jack-Ass" performed by Amber Pollard
Poem on 'The Battle of Los Angeles' read by Yoko Shibata, used with permission.

Mastered by dustin jones.

(No AutoTuning or Loops were used in the making of this album. A few animals were injured in the making of Song #2...sorry)

All songs written by storie grubb, except for JACK-ASS written by Beck/The Dust Brothers

Thank you Matthew Vorhies for your support and Honkbox skills
Thank you Amber Pollard for sharing your voice!
Thank you Yoko Shibata for allowing me to use the poem and your voice!
Thank you Dustin for handling a huge chunk of the technical and mastering side of this album. you brought it to life.



all rights reserved


Storie Grubb Boise, Idaho

My name is Storie Grubb and I have a tale to tell...


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Track Name: Thinking
Put your Belly on the Serpent
Hey Everything's gonna be OK
Hey Everyone's gonna be ashamed
Track Name: Milky Way
We got a Milky Way/ Oh God it's almost paved/ The human race has nearly won/ Mother Earth has come of age/And made herself a shallow grave/ While she drives us all into the sun...
Hello all you Stow Aways/ We applaud your lazy grace/ Your very face is a cause to run/ we were gonna renegotiate/ To at least some kind of Living Wage/ But my friends, The ship's already sunk...
We survived all your filthy plagues/ And fought in all your World War Games/ You killed us off in droves for fun/ You said that you would keep us safe/ And lead us through to better days/ But those Better days have never come...
Here up on this bloody stage/ Is where i came to spread my name/ The human waste of a simpleton/ But nowhere would i get a taste/ Of that american marketplace/ How the times have changed/ And only just begun...
So for now we must celebrate/ And humbly accept our fate/ And only embrace on the living ones/ For what it's worth we stole their names/ Only to preserve the blame/ But you know A man's work is never done...
Track Name: Jack-Ass (Beck Cover) *Featuring Amber Pollard
I've been drifting along
In the same stale shoes
Loose ends tying a noose
In the back of my mind
If you thought that you were making your way
To where the puzzles and pagans lay
I'll put it together:
It's a strange invitation
When I wake up
Someone will sweep up my lazy bones
And we will rise in the cool of the evening
I remember the way that you smiled
When the gravity shackles were wild
And something is vacant
When I think it's all beginning

I've been drifting along
In the same stale shoes
Loose ends tying the noose
In the back of my mind
If you thought that you were making your way
To where the puzzles and pagans lay
I'll put it together:
It's a strange invitation
Track Name: A Cloud in the Sky *
care about the ones you love/fuck the rest/it's what my daddy says
help your mother out before she dies/make sure she's comfortable/and don't let the media fill her head with lies/help your mother out/make me proud my son/do good things/make sure you're on your own/and don't let anyone take credit for your deeds/make me proud my son/
maybe dad/ you're just a man/and maybe your son/could never understand/ and maybe god was just a cloud in the sky/maybe god was all alone/ when he built this world of flesh and bone/ and someday dad I'll take you home...
care about the ones you love/fuck the rest/it's what my daddy says
Track Name: Childhood
i never really liked the bus/i never enjoyed it enough/when i hopped on it wasn't fun/no ice cream sat on chewing gum and now i can't get off...
i never really liked the park but i got off on shopping carts/ and the owner is yelling at me/ but the owner is yelling at me and now i can't get off...
i never liked my swimming pool/ there were bullfrogs and fish in school/that was the furst day i learned to swim/ when my daddy-waddy threw me in and now i can't get out...
Track Name: Empty Dreams
troubles gone and hypocrites go marching on/a life to lead/a war to bring some boring songs/and i know you can't stay long for your love or lack there of/your sisters tooth/a bullet proof flag on the roof/a kissing booth/ a dime for evidence to prove/that we know what went wrong with your love behind closed doors/and i know you can't stay long but could you pretend to love me some more/on the summer lawns with golden hair reaching for the sun/a smile or two between the blinks of eyes gone numb/from the beating of our soiled hearts/black and blue with the morning drum/and i know where i went wrong but give me a chance my love or lack there of/ troubles gone and hypocrites go marching on/a life to lead/ a war to bring some boring songs/and i know you can't stay long/for your love or lack there of/are brains hollowed at the seams/or driven apart by empty dreams?
Track Name: Oil in the Vines*
well i dug me a hole and i lost me a life/and i waited inside until i couldn't see the light/because the answers i had feared have never slept a day in all their i dug me somemore until i hit the erebus/he said time was on my side just don't cross the nemesis/you know nyx had fed her full of fear and yeah she's waited years for this...i reached up for the earth of the world i left behind/there were bones in the soil and oil in the vines/ and the voices of many moons who turned their backs on the crime/ they were spitting through their teeth and fucking their machines/writing laws to bend the rules and jacking on the sheets/and when i saw the genocides i waved goodbye and died in my i smell the blue sky and the air looks so clean but there's a landfill in Dakota where my home used to be/they drown our orphan children in the very wells we use for drink...o i'm walking on the rainbows i'm touring through the sky/i'm pissing in the oceans kicking durt in your eye/and yes i've got a way with words and that's why i'll never die...the hawaiian islands look so beautiful from here/and the tombs there in manhattan can kiss the atmosphere/where the hole lies wide open for the exodus premiere...if i were a god hell if i were a man/ i'd take this shit apart and put it back together again/then i'd cut off my own head and severed limbs would be scattered to the winds...alcohol don't agree with me o gods i fear the wurst it's like sleepwalking on empty dreams like driving my own hearse/and the river could have kept the bend intact if not for her thurst...your naked frame is pink and blue you're true to your word/and the blood that's running out on you will never be returned/the memories that have bled me like a pig are none of my concern...i forgave all my enemies i fucked up on my friends/i got molested by the devil he jerked off in my hands/and i couldn't have hurt myself enough i couldn't have tried to hate you more my friend...deliver us from evil gods deliver me some truth/like james byrd jr. in jasper, tx or john lennon asked of you/folks are always out for blood long before they ever get that bomb wrapped up real tight strap it to your chest/because gods can never fight their own fights or clean up their own mess/they'll put you on your knees to pray then damn you for wearing flesh...i'm rambling i'm rambling i'm rambling on a song/because there's not much else that i can do but play and sing along/this world would have me broken but my friend this is where i i'll lay down in my hole like i'm laying down my life/there's an empty grave to my left and a palm tree to my right/ you left me with this time to kill and believe me i'm just killing time...