The Awful Blue

by storie grubb

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released August 11, 2012

Luke NOrby plays piano in "poorman's stonehenge (instrumental) and "filthy sweet company"
ANdrew Mills plays acoustic guitar on "filthy sweet company"



all rights reserved


Storie Grubb Boise, Idaho

My name is Storie Grubb and I have a tale to tell...


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Track Name: a cloud in the sky
Care about the one's you love/ Fuck the rest/ It's what my daddy says...
Help your mother out/ Before she dies/ Make sure she's comfortable/ And don't let the media/ Fill her head with lies/ Help your mother out...
Make me proud my son/ DO good things/ Make sure you're on your own/ And don't let anyone take credit for your deeds/ Make me proud my son...
Maybe Dad/ You're just a man/ Maybe your son/ Could never understand/ And Maybe God was just a cloud in the sky...Maybe God/ Was all alone/ When "He" built this world of flesh and bone/ Someday Dad/ I'll take you home...
Track Name: the Lonely Moniker
i've been talking with your lonely moniker/ and if you're happy there/ then i'm guessin yes/ I've been dreaming about your screaming for so long now/ I won't believe it's over/ until the cows come home/ I've been thinking about your drinking philosophies/ and what you believe in/ your favourite god or maybe nothing/ your favourite god or maybe something else entirely...
Track Name: Adelle Davis (Before you Go)
I might miss you in the morning/ I might miss you in your shoes/ I could leave you at the door babe/ but god knows that I'd miss you/ you can take it out on me babe/ all you got just give to me/ why so sad at the world babe/ when you could be happy with me/ i could walk along the ocean/ retrace all my foreign steps/ make a friend out of a porpoise/ ride it all the way to heaven/ before you go...
I might miss you in the morning/ i might miss you in your shoes/ i could leave you at the door babe/ god knows that i'd miss you...before you go
Track Name: the Awful Blue
the awful between your eyes/ has me opened up the skies/ maybe then you'll find your place/ somewhere in some distant space/ come back to me/ come home to me
the awful blue inside my veins/ pushes blood towards my brain/ someday soon you'll fit in just fine/ and watch us waste our precious time/ come back to me/ come home to me
the awful blue between your eyes/ has me locked in endless sigh/ where my hair can find a home/ baby i'm no longer stoned/ come back to me/ come home to me
Track Name: Half A Heart
Maybe we were made to die/ Maybe it's time to try/ A long goodbye to those beautiful things and back to those animal skins/
All my precious time/ Could be spent with you/ In a halfway house/ built for 2/ Have you ever been on hold from your war?/ Have you ever had a hold at all?
so Mend your hands/ Make it slow...again
We Live for taste and maybe you'd agree/ That life isn't anything without the love we need/ The highways expand/ They weren't built for speed/ They were made to close the miles between you and and me

Maybe we've been here before/ While the sad sad beast was knocking at the door/ And if you had half a heart I'd still be in love/ Because only half a heart would be enough...

so Make it feel/ Take it all/ And when you reappear/ I won't have to crawl...again
Track Name: With you When you Die
I was living a life/ a life worth living for/ beyond the big blue sky/ i found my heart was sewn/ to the memory of you tattooed on my brain/ so i then took a drive/ all the way to Morro Bay/ and there i found my bride/ struggling to breathe/ suffocating... I want to you be with you when you die...
Track Name: What good is a man (who wants to be someone else)
Someone once said/ they want it so bad/ if they could spend a minute in your head/ or walkin in your shoes/ but no one ever put water in their swimming pools...

For what good is a man/ Who wants to be someone else/ You're better off just dreaming/ Than losing yourself...

I've made it this far/ and made some good friends/ tried not to waste my time/ cause we all die in the end/ and some are reborn/ and some just move on/ or maybe we return to complete what we'd begun...

For what good is a man/ Who stays satisfied/ There's no room for nothing/ When his contentment runs dry...
For what good is a man/ Who wants to be someone else/ You're better off just dreaming/ Than losing yourself...