Never Coming Back

by storie grubb

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These songs range from 2004 to 2006 (again). Dave Bracy plays drums on 'the Calming' and 'Never Coming Back'. Storie Grubb plays everything else. Very Very Die hard "fans" might recognize reoccurring themes and melodies from other songs on other releases...


released October 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Storie Grubb Boise, Idaho

My name is Storie Grubb and I have a tale to tell...


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Track Name: the Calming
She started to come down just i said she would/ They were rolling in the grass and hiding in the long shag...
She opened up her eyes and took a look around/ Brand new people smiled at her and she smiled right back...whoa, we were home

But as we were contemplating this the day started slower than usual...

All the burds fall from the sky/ All the fish swim in from the sea/ And all the humans end their hatred

He started to come down just like i said he would/ They were coughing up a laugh and biting on the man's hand...we were home

But as we were speculating this the night ended on a flat note...

And all the burds fall from eyes/ All the fish are drinking up the mud/ and all the humans keep their distance...

Mom, I didn't mean to step on the cracks on my way down/ And just look at you now/ All this time i feel the same but always left unwhole/ Where did the time go?
Track Name: Worthy Sin
Your many fingers Dip down my spine/ No one else touches me the way you do/ You create a world that i want to populate/ O' I'm drowning inside of you...
With my hand in yours you lead the way/ Somewhere new and forbidden/ The planet quakes when we leave it's face/ Like a computer overridden...

Tear me down and settle me in/ And again my love/ You're such a worthy sin...
Track Name: The Waking
I know what you want/ I know what you had/ I know what you want/ I got it bad/ And if you wanted more/ Why didn't you just ask/ I stood outside forever just to come in last...
I know I've said it before/ You don't want me to bring up the past/ I must sound like a revolving door/ But this time it's driving me mad...
Why did you call me so soon/ If you really thought we were moving too fast/ I would have broken them in half just hear you laugh...

We held the storm through the raping of our minds/ It's all because of you that the waking passed me by...

I'll go and take some deeper breaths/ Leave it up to chance/ Situate my bag of bones/ And hope the dead can dance

You must excuse me my manners have fled/ But i've still got my coins and cash/ Would you come over and bleed with me/ Or have you other plans

We Held the storm through the raping of our minds/ It's all because of you that the waking passed me by/
We stood as they shook the ground/ No light was in the sky/ Meanwhile, the future pulled the mother from eyes...