A Poor Mans Stonehenge

by Storie Grubb

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These songs were recorded in Portland Oregon in 2007.


released September 15, 2012

Thank you to Luke Norby for letting me use your gear, your room and your underwears (and again for piano on POOR MANS STONEHENGE) i Love you. thank you to Andrew Mills for playing guitar on WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?



all rights reserved


Storie Grubb Boise, Idaho

My name is Storie Grubb and I have a tale to tell...


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Track Name: Poor Mans Stonehenge
after all the time we spent on frozen ashes and avalanches/ marks the day the month the year of everlasting, free-form fasting/ was she sleeping with her body opened like an angel that fell from heaven again?
Now there's no such thing as sin/ No one loses and no one wins/ Death might be a swimming pool to some...

Mornings pass into the afternoon without much thought from a bedroom window/ art smells sterile fermenting on the lawn like another "poor man's stonehenge/ a night i walked on cilicibic legs that dragged me through the frosty streets/ Now it's getting hard to breathe/ a simple mind is playing tricks on me/ I"m going to watch the end from here if that's alright with you...

And was she sleeping? Was she thinking bad of me just the other morning/ drums and drugs and drooling dogs and years of missing out on feelings/ times are changing evolution airing out the house for complicated songs/ Go and meditate in your leather thongs/ GO and preach the truths, your rights and wrongs/ I'll keep putting shit out here on my front lawn...
Track Name: If Mom and Dad are Afraid
Maybe we'll understand someday...and maybe it'll be something great.
If god knows anything ...How come "he" keeps us in the dark?
If Mom and Dad are afraid of me, what the hell good is a family tree? And what're they gonna think about me???
Track Name: Let's Go To India!!!
Lets go India and fall in love/ Let's go to Mexico and take it slow...

We'll jump on the nearest plane/ and get ourselves started...
We'll go bar hopping in Spain/ until one of us gets deported...

At least we could travel through the middle east/ And not be a sniper's target/ I think it's best to avoid that wild west/ There's no more variety on the black market...

Let's go to India and make some love/ Let's go to Mexico and make it snow/ Let's the go to the U.S. and make a mess....(oh, wait that place is already fucked up...)
Track Name: A Sleeping Dog ( Ode to Barbara)
If i had my wits about me everytime i still might just be laying here in your hands/ There's a golden shower over there/ the boys and gurls rinse out from their hair/ all that the government had planned...now they're coming to get you Barbara!

Radiation soaks into the sand and kicks off the fever of the damned/ the IRS will tax the skin we wear/ They're closing down the highways at the source/ Morgues are overwhelmed with no remorse/ If you're out at night you'd best beware...because they're coming to get you Barbara!

It's getting hard to concentrate/ This happens everyday/ Let a Sleeping Dog Lie
Every time we took the bait/ We made it out okay/ So let the Sleeping Dog Lie...

SO on and on the story seems to go/ with broken words and hieroglyphs exposed/ the chemicals are helping with the pain/ and if you fear your friend has got "the shakes"/ they haven't got a pulse yet they're wide awake/ you gotta shoot the bastards in the brain/ because they're coming to get you Barbara!
Track Name: What have I done with my Life?
Ol' Friends/ they gather around me again and again/ with their questions/ they ask what's become of me/ so i pretend not to notice their facial expressions/ and just focus on the blood that circles my organs...

What am i gonna do with my Time? What have I done with my Life?

Now you've been smiling / like a mountain against the ocean/ you've been dying/ more and more everyday yet you manage to stay/ and you proudly/ spit at your own feet as you step to the street/ for the melodies/ of your daily routines or your weekend retreats but...

What am i gonna do with my time? and what have i done with my life?

O' my big head I'll keep/ held above solid waters/ Yeah, my future looks bleak/ and this swimming pool's sucking the life out of me/ Just for a moment/ Just a minute of time from your beautiful mind/ would i give to/ have you call me your man without foiling your plans BUT...

What am i gonna do wieth my Time? What Have i done with my life???
Track Name: Prophet on the Edge
Hang your faith from windows/ watch their faces as they trade them in for laughs/ blood shed off the ceiling/ and Neil Rawley's got an awful feeling/ there's no point in screaming out/ there's the cemetery site/ friendly fire means you're staying in tonight...

Call me out with a simple mind/ Like a Prophet on the Edge/ Draw your line/ For all the world to see

I'm a walking zombie/ I'm a waking dream/ something's come over me/ i'm confused again/ and it's okay if i'm not free/ cuz i'm not what i used to be/ the future is not what i've seen/ it's what i do not see that concerns me/ but you couldn't walk on/ you couldn't walk on water...

Call me out with a simple mind/ Like a Prophet on the Edge/ Draw your line for all the world to see...
Reoccuring themes/ Polished and defined/ Now you got something off your chest/ We're Low on wine and Lucky to be thieves...
Maybe i believe so baby what's your sign?/ Yeah, the bad news is always the best/ you sterilize and i'll disregard the dreams...
Call me out with your cigarette/ To Kill a Prophet on the Edge/ In Caesar's Prime you took a stab for me...
Track Name: So Long, It's Dead.
Where does all the time go/ It's running low/ so long
If i asked you your name/ Would you ever think of me the same
and if it's true that you don't want a better friend well then...it's on the shoulders of soldiers...
Where does all the time go/ It's running low/ so long
and while you demand for difference/ for the same reasons you take offense/ and while the clocks and watches are rushing us to choose/ they're using borders to justify their orders...
Where does all the time go/ Because when it's "so long" it's dead...
Where does all the time go/ Where is all the time...